Two Weeks In

Hey friends!

Wow, I have already been here in Spain for two weeks! This country is absolutely incredible from its rich history to the people. This past weekend, my group took an excursion to the cities of Sevilla and Córdoba and they were amazing! Each city in Spain is very unique in its own way, yet they each share Spanish characteristics in their architecture and history. Most of my time, however, has been spent in Cadiz which is where I am taking classes at the local university 5 days a week! My professors are AMAZING and I am learning so much about the culture and language here! My days are typically spent at the beach and doing fun activities like playing soccer, exploring historical monuments, or eating tapas (and lots of gelato). This summer, the study abroad program I am traveling with added a volunteer opportunity for our group and today was our first day! On Wednesday afternoons, we go to a local school in one of the poorest areas in Cadiz and help teach English to the kids! They were adorable and crazy and oh so lovable. I fall more in love with this city every day! This upcoming weekend, my group will be traveling to Portugal! I can’t wait to share pictures and stories that come from the trip!

Thanks for reading you guys! Enjoy the pics!



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