Instagram: More than another social media site

wersm-instagram-657x360Social Media is taking the world by storm and Instagram is just one media outlet that is on the rise. I can say with confidence that about 98% of my friends have an Instagram account. While Twitter and Facebook are both popular and somewhat effective in communicating about one’s life, Instagram is making a new splash in social media as more creativity and purpose are being thrown together in one picture.

In today’s time, more people are being drawn toward visually appealing yet simple advertisements; therefore, marketers are having to adapt to this trend and find ways to appeal to this generation. On Instagram, it seems like there are millions of “hipster” accounts with their perfect photo placements and filters that are appealing to about every eye. The millennial generation is being drawn toward this trend, opening an opportunity for company to capitalize on this and make headway in the world of Instagram.

The saying “a picture is worth more than a thousand words” continues to hold meaning in today’s time as the average person puts more and more thought into the photos they take. Day to day questions like which filter to use or what photo to post are on the rise; therefore, businesses need to take the same approach by putting time and effort into their Instagram account. By catching the eyes of their consumers, companies have the ability to share their mission and style to their target market in a creative way. Companies who are successful in doing so will be able to advertise more effectively and reach a larger customer base as people will want to share their photos and post some of their own in support of the company.

Instagram is a powerful tool that can showcase creativity and meaning in a simple, yet engaging picture.


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