A Not So Spring Break

Next week is spring break for the University of Georgia which means cars full of students will be making their way across the country to various beaches or ski slopes. Instagram will be loaded with pictures of white sandy beaches, girls in sun hats, and boys with snowboards in hand.


So many people want their spring break to be one for the books. The best one yet.

But why do we become so consumed with capturing the moments and looking our best at all times in order to get the best pic when what we really wanted was a week away to relax and enjoy ourselves?

I love photography and capturing some of my favorite memories on camera, but sometimes I lose the beauty of the moment because I am so consumed with taking the best picture there ever was. Social media is great a lot of times, but it can also take away from the conversations with the people around us. We lose our sense of “being in the moment” when we are too concerned about what the rest of our 1,000 followers are doing at that exact moment.

Let’s take this break to enjoy the sun rays, the laughs with friends, the embarrassing moments. Let’s not take for granted this time as college students where we can have fun with our gals and forget school for a week.

Let’s make it the best one yet.


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