Where did my time go?

I start my day like any other college student, by checking every social media platform to catch up on the past 6 hours that I was asleep.

An hour later I head to class and check Instagram again.

20 minutes later, I get on Facebook.

I have a huge test tomorrow, so I decide to head to the library.

I find a seat in the perfect, quiet location. I’m sure I will get so much done without any distractions.

5 minutes later, I am on my phone checking Instagram and Facebook.

I leave the library wondering how I got so little studying done in the 4 hours I was there.


Social media is a fascinating thing. It’s addicting. We crave it. We can’t go minutes without wondering what we have missed in the world.

But what if we did go without it? Would grades improve? Would we be more productive during the day?

There is an app that many students are beginning to download at the University of Georgia called Pocket Points. When your phone is locked, you earn points and can get discounts at local restaurants/ stores. Insomnia has been a favorite place for students using this app because once you have earned 25 points, you can get a buy one get one free cookie. It incentivizes students to pay attention in class rather than looking on their phone.

Beyond business ideas, I think we should be more proactive in limiting our time on social media and spending more time in the present and having fun with people! (or studying lol) Social media is not a bad thing, but anything at an addictive level can be.

Social media signs



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