The New Way of Communicating


Taking the world by storm one snap at a time.

Everyday on campus, I watch students take endless selfies walking down the sidewalk, nearly running people over. And then I see the infamous yellow screen.

It seems that today, everyone is communicating by a picture. I’ll ask my friends to text someone and instead they will say “oh, I’ll just snap them.” I must admit, I am one of these people that snapchat frequently; however, when I take a step back, it fascinates me how widely popular this app is. Businesses are now stepping in and taking a hold of this opportune time to reach a larger, younger audience.

One company that is doing a great job of utilizing snapchat is Warby Parker.

They upload funny, interesting snapchats that create a pull among their consumers to continue watching. They have what is called a “secret room” where they interview some of their employees with funny questions. Other days, they will show you how to make fun snacks in the span of a 10 second snapchat. They are taking their quirky business culture to the realm of snapchat and succeeding in it.


What Warby Parker has capitalized on so well on is by creating user generated content. Their content information is engaging, interesting, and funny — people want to follow their Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Their social media business model is something to be learned from.

Whether or not Snapchat will just be another fad or not, we may not know; however, right now, it’s booming and can be used effectively as a platform for much exposure.



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