Summer is here…but finals.

We can feel it.

The weather is warmer. The trees are blooming. The pool is calling our name.

Summer is almost here.



This time of year always evokes a bitter sweet emotion from college students. They flood their Instagram with pictures of last summer and spring break, trying to look past the fact that they have hours of studying ahead of them. Every outdoor bench and piece of grass is filled with students trying to get a pre-summer tan while their books are opened and computer in hand. It’s amazing how students can juggle such a feat.

Social media create an interesting dilemma for students during this time because as they are “studying”, they tend to check social media every 30 minutes. They begin to experience a feeling known as FOMO (Fear of missing out). For those students who have lighter final schedules, they tend to go on fun adventures and document every moment of it leaving the rest of us wanting so bad to be there.

All we have to do though is push through the next 3 weeks and then we are free to enjoy our summer whether that is studying abroad, working as a camp counselor, or doing office work. Each summer is different, but let’s  enjoy it, take pictures, and be the person you want to be.

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