Summer is here…but finals.

We can feel it.

The weather is warmer. The trees are blooming. The pool is calling our name.

Summer is almost here.



This time of year always evokes a bitter sweet emotion from college students. They flood their Instagram with pictures of last summer and spring break, trying to look past the fact that they have hours of studying ahead of them. Every outdoor bench and piece of grass is filled with students trying to get a pre-summer tan while their books are opened and computer in hand. It’s amazing how students can juggle such a feat.

Social media create an interesting dilemma for students during this time because as they are “studying”, they tend to check social media every 30 minutes. They begin to experience a feeling known as FOMO (Fear of missing out). For those students who have lighter final schedules, they tend to go on fun adventures and document every moment of it leaving the rest of us wanting so bad to be there.

All we have to do though is push through the next 3 weeks and then we are free to enjoy our summer whether that is studying abroad, working as a camp counselor, or doing office work. Each summer is different, but let’s  enjoy it, take pictures, and be the person you want to be.

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Soaking it all in


This past weekend, I went to North Caroline and hiked Whitewater Falls.

As you may know by now, I love photography and will do anything to get an artsy picture.

As we started our journey, all I could think in my head was how can I capture this beauty around me? I was distracted by trying to figure out how to take the best best picture rather than being present with the people and view around me. Is it possible to find a balance between the two?

YES. Here is how.

Ask yourself why you love taking photos. Is it because you love capturing memorable moments? Because you love nature? Because you love working the mechanics behind the camera? Remember why you love what you do, I hold on to that. Also, remember to find time to put the camera down and enjoy where you are. Sometimes the most beautiful memories we have are those not documented.



The New Way of Communicating


Taking the world by storm one snap at a time.

Everyday on campus, I watch students take endless selfies walking down the sidewalk, nearly running people over. And then I see the infamous yellow screen.

It seems that today, everyone is communicating by a picture. I’ll ask my friends to text someone and instead they will say “oh, I’ll just snap them.” I must admit, I am one of these people that snapchat frequently; however, when I take a step back, it fascinates me how widely popular this app is. Businesses are now stepping in and taking a hold of this opportune time to reach a larger, younger audience.

One company that is doing a great job of utilizing snapchat is Warby Parker.

They upload funny, interesting snapchats that create a pull among their consumers to continue watching. They have what is called a “secret room” where they interview some of their employees with funny questions. Other days, they will show you how to make fun snacks in the span of a 10 second snapchat. They are taking their quirky business culture to the realm of snapchat and succeeding in it.


What Warby Parker has capitalized on so well on is by creating user generated content. Their content information is engaging, interesting, and funny — people want to follow their Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Their social media business model is something to be learned from.

Whether or not Snapchat will just be another fad or not, we may not know; however, right now, it’s booming and can be used effectively as a platform for much exposure.


Where did my time go?

I start my day like any other college student, by checking every social media platform to catch up on the past 6 hours that I was asleep.

An hour later I head to class and check Instagram again.

20 minutes later, I get on Facebook.

I have a huge test tomorrow, so I decide to head to the library.

I find a seat in the perfect, quiet location. I’m sure I will get so much done without any distractions.

5 minutes later, I am on my phone checking Instagram and Facebook.

I leave the library wondering how I got so little studying done in the 4 hours I was there.


Social media is a fascinating thing. It’s addicting. We crave it. We can’t go minutes without wondering what we have missed in the world.

But what if we did go without it? Would grades improve? Would we be more productive during the day?

There is an app that many students are beginning to download at the University of Georgia called Pocket Points. When your phone is locked, you earn points and can get discounts at local restaurants/ stores. Insomnia has been a favorite place for students using this app because once you have earned 25 points, you can get a buy one get one free cookie. It incentivizes students to pay attention in class rather than looking on their phone.

Beyond business ideas, I think we should be more proactive in limiting our time on social media and spending more time in the present and having fun with people! (or studying lol) Social media is not a bad thing, but anything at an addictive level can be.

Social media signs


A Not So Spring Break

Next week is spring break for the University of Georgia which means cars full of students will be making their way across the country to various beaches or ski slopes. Instagram will be loaded with pictures of white sandy beaches, girls in sun hats, and boys with snowboards in hand.


So many people want their spring break to be one for the books. The best one yet.

But why do we become so consumed with capturing the moments and looking our best at all times in order to get the best pic when what we really wanted was a week away to relax and enjoy ourselves?

I love photography and capturing some of my favorite memories on camera, but sometimes I lose the beauty of the moment because I am so consumed with taking the best picture there ever was. Social media is great a lot of times, but it can also take away from the conversations with the people around us. We lose our sense of “being in the moment” when we are too concerned about what the rest of our 1,000 followers are doing at that exact moment.

Let’s take this break to enjoy the sun rays, the laughs with friends, the embarrassing moments. Let’s not take for granted this time as college students where we can have fun with our gals and forget school for a week.

Let’s make it the best one yet.

A new kind of business

Two words. Social entrepreneurship.

In the last few years, there seems to have been an exponential increase in the number of business who are socially conscious and have a motive outside of simply making a profit. These companies are adopting corporate missions to give back to society whether by donating a large portion of their revenues to non- profits or by establishing a one- for- one business model.


Take for example, TOMS.

It all started with one guy who had a vision for starting a company that was sustainable, yet providing a basic need to those who did not have shoes. Now, TOMS is an incredibly successful shoe company who gives a pair or shoes to a person in need every time one is purchased. Their signature look has now turned into a multi- dimensional product line and have now expanded their giving efforts to provide clean water, safe births, and bully prevention to countries all over the world. This one-for-one model has proved to be a success and has resonated with consumers all over the globe.

Another up and coming company is Warby Parker. They are an eyeglass company that has adopted this same business model: for every pair of glasses you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. Warby Parker is establishing a brand that really adheres to millennials and their purchasing decisions. They are opening stores all over the country that each have a unique feel of the local community they are in. Inside the store, they have created an interactive experience for their consumers by providing photo booths and sales personnel who are knowledgable and relatable to their customers.

They have been able to provide over a million pairs of glasses to people around the world to date. Warby Parker is seeing success and this is only the beginning.


Going forward, I think we will start seeing even more businesses start adopting this business model because it allows them to maximize their profit while also giving back to the community in a large way.

The GRAMMYS and its influence on social media

As many people know, the Grammys came on national television last night and created a lot of buzz on social media. For businesses, huge events like these can be an opportunity for brand recognition, so who had the most success last night?

According to ADWEEK, People Magazine, Hyundai, and Gucci had the most presence on social media. Each company increased their followers by the thousands, but how did they do it? People created a lot of buzz before the award show took place on Facebook and Instagram creating a “need” among their consumer base to follow their stories. Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 12.58.20 PM

Gucci succeeded last night with the addition of many Instagram and Twitter followers by updating its feed during the red carpet event. As 24 million people were watching, Gucci capitalized on the fact that many celebrities were wearing their attire, so they told the world about it.

There is so much opportunity when huge entertainments events occur like the Grammys, but it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd when it seems like every business is trying to attract the attention of new customers. It is time for businesses to think outside the box when advertising for events like these and to uncover ways to creatively portray their brand! Intel partnered with Lady Gaga last night during her performance and it was a huge success. They ended the night ranking 3rd on most social media platforms. It was creative and fun and expanded their social media presence globally.